Best Vegetables for Dogs

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Can Dogs Survive Without Vegetables?

Can a dog eat vegetables, and if so, what vegetables can a dog eat?

These questions are doubtlessly familiar to new dog parents who are concerned about their fur baby’s well being.

Luckily, for those that wish to know which vegetables are good for dogs, this article will detail all of the best vegetables for dogs to help you feed your furry friend with confidence!

VIDEO: Why You Should Never Feed Your Pets a Vegeterian Diet

what happens if my dog doesnt eat vegetables?

A dog’s digestion differs from that of a human, so eating the wrong foods can lead to long-term health problems or even death in extreme cases. Carnivores do not require fruits or vegetables for the majority of their diet, but an occasional fruit or veggie is fine as a treat.

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Veggie Food for Dogs

Someone would have struggled to find a vegetable in a dog’s food one hundred years ago, but with new information constantly being discovered about dog nutritional needs, veggie food for
dogs is more prevalent than ever.

Dogs are omnivores, meaning their diets should consist of
meat, vegetables, fruits, and some grains.

Though all of these food groups can be an important part of a dog’s diet, the vast majority of their diet should be comprised of meat.

Without meat in their diet, most dogs would have a difficult time obtaining all of the nutrients that they need, so vegetarian dog diets should be avoided!

Grain Free Wet Dog Food

While a collection of reputable dog foods made of meat and vegetables exists, a safe and popular option for a dry kibble can be found here: True Acre Foods Grain-Free Chicken & Vegetable Dry Dog Food

If your dog prefers wet food, then this option from Blue Buffalo is a good choice: Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Beef Dinner with Garden Vegetables & Sweet Potatoes Canned Dog Food

Keep reading to learn about veggies good for dogs!

The Best Probiotic for Dogs

(Veterinary Recommended)

Another dietary component that dog owners are concerned about is probiotics-the group of microorganisms that make themselves at home in the digestive systems of dogs and humans alike.

Probiotics promote digestive system health by helping to limit bloating and indigestion by keeping the digestive system at its best.

Probiotics can be hard to come by in the best vegetables to feed dogs, but they too can be found in a supplemental form.

VIDEO: Benefits of Probiotics for Dogs

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  • Prebiotics – Support a healthy microflora

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What is the best Vegetable for Dogs with Allergies?

As a dog owner, it is important to remember that just because a vegetable is healthy and nutritious for humans, does not mean that it will be one of the best vegetables to feed dogs.

There are many questions asked that relate to dog safety when consuming vegetables: Are raw vegetables good for dogs? What are the best vegetables for dogs? These are responsible questions for any dog owner to ask, so read on for a detailed assessment of the safest vegetables
for your furry friend.


If you find yourself wondering what raw vegetables are good for dogs, look no further than a crunchy carrot for your precious pooch.

Your dog will love being fed a raw carrot, as the satisfying bite that these root vegetables provide will help to relieve any stress or anxiety that your dog may be feeling.

These orange wonders are also loaded with antioxidants, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and K.

best vegetables for dogs

Green Beans

These lovely legumes are packed with nutrients despite having few calories per serving. Green beans are often touted as one of the best vegetables for dogs on raw diet, as they possess a fantastic amount of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin A which supports a healthy immune system in dogs.

While some suggest that green beans are one of the best raw vegetables for dogs, we recommend that you boil green beans for about ten minutes before serving them to your canine companion, as they have been known to cause upset stomachs when consumed raw.


Peas provide a wide range of health benefits for dogs-manganese to aid in a dog’s metabolism, zinc to heal wounds, and folate to aid in peak brain and heart functionality.

While there are many positives when considering peas, raw sugar snap peas may not be among the best vegetables for puppies, as the pods of these peas could pose a choking hazard for small dogs.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is certainly a vegetable that is good for dogs, as they are loaded with fiber to help a dog’s digestive system and vitamin C to promote circulatory system health.

After boiling or steaming these tasty tubers, you can add a bit to your dog’s meal for a scrumptious, healthy treat—just be sure to avoid canned varieties with added sugars!


Introducing your dog to spinach can give them access to vitamin K for improving their skeletal system health and iron for their muscular system health. Be sure to steam or boil your spinach before serving it to your pooch.

Now that you have a better idea about what veggies are good for dogs, you can feel confident about incorporating the five previously mentioned vegetables into your dog’s diet, as they are among the safest vegetables for dogs to eat.

Remember, when introducing a new food item to a dog, it is best to start by giving them small amounts, otherwise they may have an adverse reaction to the new food.

If your dog does not enjoy eating the best vegetables to feed dogs that were listed above, and you would still like to incorporate their benefits into your dog’s life, then we have a few suggestions
for you!

Best hip & Joint supplement for dogs

The health of a dog’s hips and joints is a major concern for dog owners. Large dogs, inactive dogs, and even active dogs are prone to various problems related to the condition of their joints.

There is an assortment of vitamins found within vegetables that can benefit a dog’s bone health, but if you have a picky pooch, getting your dog the nutrients that they need to promote healthy joints can be challenging.

Luckily, supplements for hip and joint health can easily be added to your dog’s food without them ever knowing.

Did you know that there is an all-natural method to relieve inflammation, pain, and discomfort in  dogs that works better than pharmaceuticals? Check out our page on Canine Cush for Dogs.

Suitable Vegetables for Dogs

4.6 million dog owners and 2.5 million cat owners believe their pet fell ill after consuming something poisonous, with one in nine pets being poisoned last year! On average vets treat 323 dogs and 56 cats for poisoning every day! 

A number of suitable vegetables for dogs exist, in fact, a dog can consume any vegetable other than a few that are potentially lethal or toxic to our furry friends.

For a more complete list of some of these toxic foods, check out our blog on Food bad for dogs.

Other common foods that are bad for dogs that can be found in the kitchen include:

small whit dog standing on kitchen table licking lips
On average vets treat 323 dogs and 56 cats for poisoning every day! 

1. Onions

2. Garlic

3. Uncooked or green potatoes

4. Rhubarb

Moreover, the same wild mushrooms that are toxic to humans will be toxic to dogs.

Though mushrooms that are bought from a store would theoretically be safe for a dog to consume, it is probably best to be safe rather than sorry and avoid feeding your dog mushrooms altogether.

dog with a bowl of vegetables and a bowl of meat
Dog owners should strive to ensure that around 75% of their canine companion’s diet is meat.

Any vegetables that were not explicitly listed as unsafe are likely to be suitable vegetables for dogs, however, most need to be cooked before becoming a vegetable that is safe for your dog to eat.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to investigate the safety of a vegetable before feeding it to your canine companion.

There is an abundance of suitable vegetables for dogs out there that are loaded with nutritious vitamins, minerals, and other components that help your furry friend to function at their optimal level.

However, just because you have a vegetable that is good for dogs, does not mean that you should give your dog unregulated amounts of this vegetable.

While it is true that there are many beneficial properties to vegetables, it is important to recall that the majority of a dog’s diet should be meat. Therefore, dog owners should strive to ensure that around 75% of their canine companion’s diet is meat.

Best Vegetables for Dogs - what to do next!

Last year 4.6 million dog owners and 2.5 million cat owners believe their pet fell ill after consuming something poisonous! did you know that some foods found in your kitchen are highly toxic to dogs! Read our article on the 22 toxic foods for dogs that are found in your kitchen!

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