Homeopathy for Diarrhea in Dogs

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Could a homeopathic natural treatment be the right choice for you?

Currently practiced by over 250,000 doctors, vets, dentists, nurses, and practitioners worldwide, homeopathy is backed by scientific research demonstrating the efficacy of its potent remedies.

Horses, dogs, and cats have been shown to respond very well to homeopathic remedies, with tens of thousands of animals treated successfully.

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Before looking at homeopathy for diarrhea in dogs, let's have a brief introduction to Homeopathy and its main advantages over some conventional treatments.

The Law of Similars is the basis for homeopathy, which states that “like cures like.” That is to say, substances that would produce symptoms in high dosages when taken in full are capable of stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms when given in a dilute quantity.

The technique, as a result, helps the body heal itself.

The practice has been expanded to assist a variety of pets with a variety of illnesses and ailments, including chronic conditions such as digestive issues, skin irritation, arthritis, respiratory difficulties, and diarrhea to name a few.

When administered correctly, it can be a very effective form of medicine.

Key Benefits of Homeopathy for Pets

  • Cooperation with the body’s natural immune system
  • Effective for both the prevention and treatment of conditions
  • Treatment of a wide variety of conditions
  • Fewer side effects than conventional medicines

What is diarrhea?

Diarrhea is defined as the condition of having three or more loose, mushy, or watery bowel movements in a 24-hour period. It can be associated with nausea and vomiting, which are referred to as gastroenteritis. Diarrhea is one of the most common problems seen by veterinarians who care for dogs.

Top Causes of Dog Diarrhea

There are numerous different causes of diarrhea in dogs.

In fact, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem because many times it is a symptom of another underlying disease process.

This article will attempt to discuss some common causes and treatments for diarrhea in dogs.

Diarrhea is divided into three categories: acute, subacute, and chronic.

Acute diarrhea lasts for a very short period of time and is usually caused by a bacterial infection or ingestion of something that the dog shouldn’t have eaten, such as his trash.

Other common causes of acute diarrhea include pancreatitis, poisoning, and cancer.

The treatment for acute diarrhea depends on what is causing it. In many cases it will resolve on its own if the underlying cause is treated.

Subacute diarrhea lasts for several days to weeks and can be caused by an intestinal illness or infection, dietary indiscretion (eating something that the dog shouldn’t have).

Change in routine, stress, parasites, organ failure including liver disease and kidney disease, cancer, cardiovascular problems such as congestive heart failure, and immune-mediated diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease are also triggers.

The treatment for subacute diarrhea depends on its underlying cause.

It can be difficult to determine the cause of chronic diarrhea and often it is due to several different factors that combine together and then upset the normal intestinal flora or biochemistry of the dog which causes the symptoms.

Treatment usually involves treating the symptoms, finding out what is causing it, and then actually treating that disease process.

For example, if a dog eats something that causes acute diarrhea, treat for vomiting or pancreatitis first before you give any medications to stop the diarrhea itself.

If dietary indiscretion has caused chronic diarrhea, change to a premium diet that contains pre- and probiotics.

If you suspect parasites, then treat with medication. You want to address all of the problems at once rather than trying to figure out what is causing it by trial and error.

All about Dog poop Chart!

Chronic diarrhea in dogs can be treated much like chronic diarrhea in humans.

The goal is to find out what is causing it and treat that disease process. If you are treating for chronic diarrhea, it is important to keep your dog well hydrated because the persistent diarrhea will cause him to lose more fluids than he can take in orally.

Fluids are important for proper kidney function and keeping the electrolytes normal.

If your dog doesn’t want to drink or does not have access to water, then he will need to receive his fluids intravenously.

You can also give him subcutaneous fluids at home by taking the fluid bag and needle out of its package and giving it to your dog with a syringe.

Be sure to only draw up the amount of fluid that you want to give and then squeeze it into your dog’s mouth.

Do not inject it because you could cause injury or infection.

Be sure to check with your veterinarian before giving any medications for diarrhea, especially if the problem has gone on for more than 2-3 days without improvement.

The medication may be unnecessary and/or harmful if the problem isn’t due to a specific disease process after all, or the treatment itself may cause the diarrhea.

Gut Health is Crucial!

Did you know that a dog’s gut health has a significant influence on its overall health? A recent scientific study reports that 70% to 80% of all illness begins in the gastrointestinal tract!

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Best dog supplement for diarrhea

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Who is This Natural Product For?

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Homeopathy for diarrhea in dogs


A bit about HomeoAnimal Homeopathic Remedies

Homeoanimal was formed by a group of animal lovers and pet advocates who wanted to provide patients with high-quality, natural medicines.

They observed that there was a lack of good information on homeopathic treatments, plus they also wanted consumers to have access to these high quality natural products at reasonable prices.

They are able to provide therapies for your pet for a range of physical, psychological, and emotional health issues, as well as being able to obtain suggestions from a homeopath that is also educated in Chinese medicine and reflexology.

All of Homeoanimal’s natural cures were created after years of study and development. The medicines are produced using natural components that have been proven to be effective, plus they fulfill or exceed all Good Manufacturing Practices requirements and there are no known side effects.

Homeoanimal provides homeopathic drugs in their liquid form for faster absorption and a more successful result, as opposed to traditional sugar pellets, which are taken sublingually because the liquid is easier for the body to absorb, so the ingredients can start to work faster and more effectively.



To Sum Up:

First, we would always recommend that you see your vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for your dog’s health condition.

Homeopathy has stood the test of time and is becoming increasingly relevant to our daily lives and those of our pets. It has been used for over 200 years to successfully treat a wide range of common conditions, with none of the potentially unpleasant side effects that come with modern drugs.

This natural, but effective treatment for diarrhea in dogs helps to promote a healthy intestine, plus helps to support a good digestion, and overall bowel health to help your dog maintain optimum wellbeing.

Homeoanimal’s all-natural remedies are the result of years of dedicated research and development. All of their products are manufactured using natural ingredients under an FDA-registered process, and consistently attract excellent reviews from customers. 

Did you know that a dog’s gut health has a significant influence on its overall health? A recent scientific study reports that 70% to 80% of all illness begins in the gastrointestinal tract! discover why this supplement is essential for your dog’s immune system and overall health. Read our blog on The Best Probiotic for Dogs.

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